Store Consignment Policy

1. Due to store capacity, Arlene’s Home Store must be strict about merchandise inventory.  We ACCEPT items such as NEW & USED men’s (casual or business attire), women’s (casual or business attire) & children’s clothes, shoes, purses, jewelry, home goods and general merchandise. We specialize in current fashions in excellent condition.  We take a maximum of 25 items per person due to inventory capacity. 
A. Clothing and accessories should be no more than five (5) years old.  Vintage, antique or retro items are an exception to this rule.  Clothing must be clean and wrinkle free; in season; and in good condition.  Absolutely, no merchandise will be accepted with SPOTS, RIPS, or STAINS.
B. Any brand pocket books (purses) and shoes are accepted.  Any designer bags must be authentic.  No SPOTS, RIPS, STAINS or BAD ZIPPERS are acceptable.
C. All household items must be clean & damage free.  No cracks or chips, please!  Glasses and dishes should be of even numbers in a set.
2. Arlene’s Home Store reserves the right to RETAIN 50% of the originally requested price on every consignment item while the consigner receives 50%.  No additional handling charge will be added to the contract price.  Customer (tag) prices are negotiable, but items will not be sold for less than the original agreement price.  The tag price will automatically be reduced by 25% after the first 60-days on the sales floor.  Any remaining items, which are not sold within the first 90-days, can be returned to the owner or re-added to the sales floor at an even lower price (reduced an additional 25%). After the first or second 90-day period (whichever one you chose), your items are removed from the sales floor and designated for donation to a charity of the store owner’s choosing. 
3. Seller will receive PAYMENT 90-days after initial drop off of items.  There are no exceptions for early payment unless the Consignment Agreement is cancelled for any reason by the store owner or seller.   Any money due to consigner will be forfeited if not collected within 1 year from the consignment date.
4. Consignment vendors must agree to and sign the Consignment Agreement upon item drop-off. Please allow 7-days for an itemized record of your items.
5. Merchandise drop-offs are only allowed on the first week of the month.  Please call 281-888-4656 or emailing to schedule a consignment Drop-Off.
6. We reserve the right to REFUSE the sell of any item for any reason and to refuse consignment service to anyone at any time.
7. We will work with you to set realistic prices for the items you wish to sell.  It is in our best interest to make sure you get the most money possible for your items; therefore, we will never undersell your items for a quick sale.  Most clothing is priced at approximately one quarter to one third of the purchasing price.  This is decided based on the condition and demand of the items.  Be advised that Arlene’s Home Store may negotiate and drastically discount items due to the economic standard and clientele. 
8. Unsold Consignment Items; You have the right to reclaim any of your unsold items following the 90th day if it is not sold in accordance with the Consignment Agreement.  Any unclaimed items which are not reclaimed after 90-days can be extended with owner’s permission.  Any remaining, unclaimed items (without effort to contact or collect the store) will be donated to a charity.  You are responsible for making contact, collecting your money, and picking up your unsold items by the final pick up date.Any reclaimed articles which are picked up may not be re-consigned for at least 60-days. Re-consigned items must be reduced by 25%. We reserve the right to pull these items from the selling floor at any time.
9. We currently will not accept;
A. Large furniture items; due to lack of space. 
B. Damaged, false, altered or stolen items.
C. Stinky or dirty merchandise.
D. Items which are not “Fit To Sell.”
10. Consigner’s are responsible for counting & checking the status of their items (with a witness) upon drop-off.  Although we will do our best to take care of your items, we are not liable for any merchandise that is damaged or stolen.  Any items that are damaged may be reduced at our discretion.  
Thank you for your business.
Arlene Parris
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